Material Recycling Facilities

Materials Recycling Facilities

The challenges What our solutions can do to help?
  • The cost of handling (Sorting complexity, composite materials, contamination)
  • The use and associated cost of landfill and incineration
  • Pressure to increase recycle rate while operating a viable business.
  • New revenue stream created from non-recyclable portion.
  • Increase diversity of waste stream processed.
  • Attract new clients by marketing leading recovery rate.
  • Improve in-and-out gate fee balance and bottom line figures.


Unlocking Polymer Pyrolysis oil

Oxford Sustainable Fuels has discovered a key process to complete the utilisation of waste polymer into transportation quality fuels and chemical feedstocks for recycling, providing a viable route to utilise waste previously left for incineration or landfill. We were...

OSF’s Ben Williams speaks with Oxford Sparks about the potential to utilise waste plastics

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Oxford Sustainable Fuels to tackle plastic crisis by recycling waste into fuels

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From plastic to petrol with waste-conversion tech

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Waste plastic ‘could be turned into fuel’ by Oxford spinout

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Formed in 2017, Oxford Sustainable Fuels (OSF) was spun out of Oxford University based on the inventions and patents of Dr Tiancun Xiao, Dr Zhaoxi Zhang and Professor Peter Edwards within the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory. Our R&D facility and head office is located at Begbroke Science Park on the outskirts of Oxford.






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