OSF Technology Overview

OSF have developed unique technology for the improvement of crude pyrolysis oils to enable its direct use into high value fuels and petrochemical feedstocks. Our patented solutions provide significant economic benefits for waste polymer pyrolysis operations.

Crude Pyrolysis oil – the Issues

The quality and composition of pyrolysis oil is impacted by the reactor design, operating conditions and feedstocks including contaminations.

In all cases pyrolysis oil derived from waste suffer several detrimental properties that limit both its use and market value to that of residual fuels or below.

Of key importance is the difficulty in utilising in refining and petrochemical processes because of high fouling tendency cause by both physical deposition and instability to heat promoting gum formation. This makes existing distillation and catalytic process unsuitable for pyrolysis oils.

The broad carbon chain distribution restricts the use and sale of the oil as a residual fuel due to low flash point and related safety concerns for this market.

The chemical nature of crude pyrolysis oils the oil also represents a high risk for blending into gasoline or diesel where it can downgrade key fuel properties and may be detrimental to modern engine fuelling systems.

What is the OSF technology?

OSF have developed a process incorporating promoted phase transfer extraction combined with catalytic stabilisation and upgrading to transform the properties of crude pyrolysis oil.

Key Features and breakthroughs of the technology include

  • Mild conditions with process carried out at ambient pressure and less than 100 C
  • Scalability from waste management through to refining operations
  • Modular design for quick installation
  • No hydrogen requirement, improving overall carbon footprint and energy costs.
  • High yields with ≥95% fuels output
  • Option for integration of 2nd generation biofuel content within the process.

How does OSF improve the oil?

Through our patented process of promoted phase transfer extraction and subsequent catalytic upgrading we address many of the key issues limiting marketability of pyrolysis oils.

  • Removal of all solids and high boiling point species that cause deposition in process equipment
  • Chemical transformation of reactive species to increase stability to heat to enable prolonged storage and stop the formation of gums during processing.
  • Increase of the octane number in the gasoline fraction.
  • Creation of a suitable product for direct blending to gasoline, diesel and marine distillate.

Crude Pyrolysis Oil

Promoted Phase Transfer Extraction & Catalytic stabilisation

Bitumen 1-5%

Diesel 30 – 60%

Gasoline 30-60%

What does this mean for operational economic viability of pyrolysis

  • The inclusion of OSF technology significantly increase the output value and marketability of pyrolysis oils with minimal change to overall plant operating costs. This transforms the economics of pyrolysis as a method of waste management and recycling.


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Formed in 2017, Oxford Sustainable Fuels (OSF) was spun out of Oxford University based on the inventions and patents of Dr Tiancun Xiao, Dr Zhaoxi Zhang and Professor Peter Edwards within the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory. Our R&D facility and head office is located at Begbroke Science Park on the outskirts of Oxford.






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