Why we do what we do:No More Polymer Waste, Only Feedstocks!

No More Polymer Waste, Only Feedstocks!

  • Our inventions are an important breakthrough for the fight against plastic pollution.
  • By changing the economics of handling mixed and low-grade plastics into a profitable operation, all types of end-of-life polymers become valuable resources. So the recovery of material or processing becomes an attractive proposition compared to simply discarding it.
  • Utilising the millions of tons of waste plastic and tyre will lessen the reliance on extracting crude oil by creating a viable recycle pathway, helping to preserve this resource.
  • While there are no alternatives to these polymer in our modern life, by returning it to the economy as high quality product we help to combat the global ecological crisis we are facing.

Build a better future for the generations to come.

  • Resolve the global issue of unrecyclable plastic and tyre.
  • Increase recovery rate of polymer waste through new technology.
  • Conserve natural resources by utilise end-of-life materials.
  • Helping to End environmental destruction caused by plastic pollution.


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Formed in 2017, Oxford Sustainable Fuels (OSF) was spun out of Oxford University based on the inventions and patents of Dr Tiancun Xiao, Dr Zhaoxi Zhang and Professor Peter Edwards within the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory. Our R&D facility and head office is located at Begbroke Science Park on the outskirts of Oxford.






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